Due to a lack of both funds and time, SylverFox.NET will be on hiatus until further notice.

In addition to serving as a public reminder about the status of the website, this page will feature updates when available.

What needs to be done for SylverFox.NET to be restored?

  • Update the art of the foxes
  • Redo the art of the NPCs
  • Remake (quest) item art
  • Remake background art
  • Rework the quests
  • Update the programming
  • ...And more

Until the points above have been completed, SylverFox.NET will not be released for the public.

Our lovely foxes

Venustas Fox

Venustas fox stage 1 Venustas fox stage 1

Caelestis Fox

Caelestis fox stage 1 Caelestis fox stage 1

City Fox

City Fox fox stage 1 City Fox fox stage 1

(Art from 2014 but not final)